Learn from an experienced procurement practitioner and a Professor from AUT


The problem

How effectively does your business establish and maintain supply relationships?

What am I going to learn?

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of SCMs application to the management process
  • Use inventory control tools
  • Identify opportunities for application of ‘just in time’ principles to construction
  • Implement ‘just in time’ principles
  • Identify opportunities for application of agile manufacturing principles to construction

For clients this course will give you the tools to improve your supply chain management.

For consultants this course will give you the tools to improve your performance with the key outcomes being:

  • More new work
  • More repeat work
  • Easier tenders
  • More reasons for clients to come back
  • Better performance out of your supply chain

For maintainers (roads, water, civil, local authorities, etc) this course will give you the tools to understand which suppliers are worth using again.



John Tookey, Professor AUT

Assoc. Prof John Tookey was recruited as post-doctoral researcher in construction procurement processes in 1998 in the School of the Built and Natural Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University after being awarded his PhD; eventually appointed lecturer in 2001, with research and particular teaching interests in construction project management, construction logistics and construction marketing. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2005 before taking up his current post in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Auckland.

John conducts research and publishes regularly in the area of supply chain and logistics management in construction. He continues to devote significant amounts of time to the conduct of research across a range of areas within the Construction Management discipline including procurement processes, quality management and implementation, transaction cost analysis and the implementation of tracking technologies in the construction supply chain. John is Assoc. Prof. Post with AUT.

Tim Munro, Managing Consultant, Infracure Ltd

Tim is an experienced procurement practitioner who supports infrastructure clients and suppliers establish and maintain supply relationships that focus on increased customer service, value for money and increased job satisfaction.

Tim’s 30-year career includes GHD Ltd as Global Service Line Leader, Procurement; Auckland City Council as Group Manager, Procurement; Freightways as General Manager of their contract logistics division and General Manager Business Development for Linfox in New Zealand. Prior to that Tim had a career in international shipping including general management roles.


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