About the Construction Clients’ Group

The Construction Clients’ Group (CCG) is dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about building better, faster, safer and achieving better value for money for your construction procurement.  The CCG supports both private and public sector customers of construction as well as organisations throughout the delivery supply chain. We recognise that our members need to work collaboratively to deliver more predictable and successful project outcomes.

Our members from both the public (central and local government) and private sectors represent a significant proportion of New Zealand construction clients.  CCG supports all clients,  regardless of their core business activity, by promoting best practice that will provide better value for their construction procurement and ultimately an improved built asset. Of equal importance, alongside our best practice role, the CCG provides its members with a credible voice to key industry stakeholder groups and Government agencies.

As an organisation we:

  • enable clients to get better value from their construction procurement
  • enable clients to improve predictability around successful project delivery
  • are a voice for all construction clients and our members
  • provide opportunities for clients and supply chain companies to network and share best practice
  • provide a high profile events programme in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • provide opportunities to influence government policy and forthcoming legislation
  • creating opportunities to engage with the Productivity Partnership, the construction sectors industry improvement and reform programme
  • offers opportunities for training and development
  • improve client competence through published guidance and best practice
  • Our vision for Construction client is set out in the client protocols document. Click here for more information

Our key themes are:

  • Productivity
  • People in construction
  • Innovation
  • Effective deliery 

These are our Task Groups:

  • Auckland Council Plan
  • Productivity Partnership
  • AIPG (Auckland Infrastructure and Procurement Group)
  • Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Asset Management (AM) and Facility Management (FM)
  • Health & Safety
  • Lean Construction
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • Procurement
  • Sustainability
  • Resilience