Are your customers happy?

The Problem

The market can change round you.
Not all customers are the same.
Understanding their needs & wants is crucial.
Customer Relationship Management is not about software.
It is about managing your relationships with your customers!

The benefits

For clients this course will give you the tools to improve your supply chain management and advance your procurement management. You will be able to “build more for less” and get better value from your supply chain.

For consultants this course will give you the tools to improve your performance with the key outcomes being:

  • More new work
  • More repeat work
  • Easier tenders
  • More reasons for clients to come back
  • Better performance out of your supply chain
  • Improvement of your customer service
  • Empowering your staff to take action and change behaviours

What am I going to learn?

1) A strategic approach to customer relationship management
  • Creating happier customers
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Win more repeat business
2) The changes we can see that are driving or resulting in new customer relationships:
  • Longer term partnering and framework agreements
  • New forms of contract
  • Integrated supply chains
  • New ways of working
  • New roles
  • Innovation
  • Costs can be amortised over the framework time period
  • Inexperienced clients
  • Don’t understand the process and have to be managed
  • Supply chain management
  • Outsourcing specialisms
  • Focus on logistics
  • Focus on knowledge management
  • Metrics -if you don’t measure, you don’t improve
3) Demonstrate a knowledge of the core body of knowledge relating to Stakeholder and Customer Relationship Management and application to the management process within corporate enterprises:
  • Use a Customer Analysis Matrix
  • Identify moments of truth and develop a moments of truth action plan
  • Recognise customer needs
  • Use Coleman Behavioural analysis
  • Develop a Customer Key Account Management Plan
  • Develop a Stakeholder Management Plan, based on the SWAN matrix
4) Improve customer satisfaction, retention and win more new business by:
  • Developing a more strategic approach to customer relationship management by:
  • Identifying how supply chain relationships are changing
  • Understanding the principles of customer relationship management
  • Defining and measuring customer relationships
  • Bringing everyone up to speed on how to decide where to put customer development effort
  • Giving you the tools to manage client relationships and gain opportunities
  • Providing the insight into how to undertake effective customer development


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