Lean Construction is a methodology for process improvement, essentially it is a technique for removing waste and improving process flow.

LEAN can be universally applied across many industries, services and projects.

Anything you do can be perfected, but the Lean tools enable you to focus on the root issues.


The problem

Many New Zealand companies strive to understand what it is that they can and should improve. Your existing processes are often broken i.e. take too long, have too many defects, have too much variation, are too expensive or produce too much waste, etc.

What am I going to learn?

  • Navigate through the process using the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC) roadmap
  • Define and use the other Lean tools and methods including manufacturing and lean office thinking
  • How to use the overall Lean project process improvement techniques to improve job flow
  • How to eliminate waste using the TIM WOOD tool
  • How to use the road map for waste elimination – plan, do, check and act
  • Some Six Sigma analysis procedures that add robustness and depth to Lean

In this course you learn to not jump to solutions but to look at the data, the issues and the root causes and to see what this tells you.

Don’t go from the problem straight to the solution but to follow the logic of the road map, this will lead you to the best outcome.


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