communicating with influence  (1 1/2 days)

Build a collaborative and innovative work place

The aim of this workshop is to develop your influencing skills by understanding personality traits and how different personalities influence each other.

You will learn how to use the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator as a powerful tool to tailor your actions to positively encourage your team to work collaboratively together.

You will also develop a greater awareness of what others need in face-to-face conversations. Your listening skills will be enhanced so you can be more present and observant in conversations.

You will understand the importance of questioning to gain information and learn how to approach a difficult situation with honest feedback to keep people engaged to improve performance and behaviours.

What am I going to learn?

  • You will understand your own personality type and how you prefer to gather information and make decisions
  • Show an understanding of other people's personality types and how they influence each other
  • Have skills for effective communication in listening, questioning and influencing
  • Understand how your emotions affect your behaviour

The benefits

This workshop will give you the tools to improve your understanding and awareness of your own Personality Type and how it influences your leadership style.  Improve your customer service and empower your staff to take action and change behaviours.



Saranya Tarrant, Associate Constructing Excellence NZ

BED. CQSW, Diploma in Applied Social Studies
MBTI Practitioner, NZQA Assessor Qualification
IMNZ Associate, Trainer

Saranya has extensive experience as a successful trainer and resilience coach. She has spent the last 34 years developing and delivering workshops to teams, first line leaders and managers in the UK and NZ. Saranya has been working with the Constructing Excellence team for 12 years. She has a passion for improving relationships, communication and wellbeing in the workplace.

Saranya co-developed and tutors on the Diploma of Managerial Excellence in Engineering and Construction. She teaches the Myers Briggs Personality Profiling, Managing Change, Resilience, Leadership Skills and Communication Skills Module and is an Associate Trainer for the Institute of Management New Zealand.


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