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Graduation Gallery

Check out these photos of recent graduations:

Graduating Class 2016 from left to right: Gary Board (Brosnan Construction), Jasmine Manicckam (NZTA), Gordon Inglis (Fulton Hogan)
Graduating Class 2011 from left to right: Mano Ram, Shaun Mitchell, Simon Pollard, Tim Manning, Nigel D'Ath, Karl Ashby, Tony Fairclough & (Not Pictured) Dion Sinclair. Graduating Class 2010 from left to right: Tom Ryder, Hannah Hyde, Tim Fisher, Gabby Aves & James Adams.
Graduating Class 2009 from left to right: Steve Ritchie, Leighton Evans, Paul Moodie, Morne Nel, Andrew Quinn & tutors Saranya Tarrant & Amanda Warren. Graduating Class 2008 from left to right: Rob Jones, John Tovey Greg Chawynski, & Michael Fulton.