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Diploma in Managerial Excellence in Construction & Engineering (DipMEEC)

The Skill Gap and The Need

As an aspiring construction sector leader, with an expectation for progression, the need is to be able to grow your business and construction delivery skills in an ever more internationised market place. Therefore the Diploma is designed to assist the development of a ‘World Class’ industry here in New Zealand by helping to shape the hearts and minds of those in and rising to Leadership roles.

Aimed at individuals in the succession plan of New Zealand’s leading Construction Industry players, there is an emphasis on network building and collaborative working, i.e. contractors, consultants and clients, learning and developing together.

The programme comprises teaching on all aspects of best practice and leading edge thinking on project and business management. Our modules have been developed by handpicked leading International practitioners who draw on world Best Practise.  The course is now acknowledged as World Class. Set out below are the Key Benefits:

  1. allows good engineers and project/site managers to become excellent business leaders,
  2. teaches international Best Practice,
  3. provides proven business tools to take into business,
  4. proven academic track record and a nationally recognised qualification
  5. proven embedment of Best Practise into business,
  6. allows succession planning for senior managers – tried and tested over three years,
  7. developed by industry to focus on your business skill requirements,
  8. networking and relationship growth with leading peer group members – meet like minded people from Clients, contractors, consultants and through the supply chain

The success of this approach is borne out by the commendations from past and current students and their mentors, all of whom are now members of an Academy Alumni.

Key Themes

Practical Application

Addressing the need for a practical course which equips candidates with real tools for successfully improving their businesses and projects.  Students retain 50% by hearing and 85% by doing.

Culture and Innovation

Helping the Candidates to develop their leadership skills and to grow their capacity to innovate.

This is particularly important to the future of the industry as we move from a traditionally fragmented and often adversarial basis to a collaborative and integrated approach. The Academy brings experts in team dynamics and team make-up with an emphasis on self-awareness and insight.  This prepares candidates to manage themselves and lead their teams with a new perspective on relationships and productivity.

Access to current Industry Leaders

2015 National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award Winner - Lara Tookey

"The innovation and commitment shown by Lara to help students into significant roles in the construction industry, and to create safe and competent professionals has been repeatedly endorsed by her students and fellow teachers."
An Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) has been formed to provide an overview of course development. It comprises of leading industry figures. They are Managing Directors, Directors and CEOs who believe in industry change across consultants, contractors and clients.
Uniquely Industry leaders from companies such as Beca, Fulton Hogan, Auckland Transport, NZTA and NZIM bring their knowledge and skills directly to course participants.

We have received some “Praise indeed” – these pieces of info. have come our way:

One Client reported that 70% of business case submissions were rejected by their Management Board because the authors failed to present a compelling argument by comparison a100% of the Academy Diploma peer group won approval for their submissions.

70% of all Academy Candidates have been promoted to management posts within their own business since graduating.

Diploma projects have shown direct returns to the business bottom line within a year.