About Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence (NZ) is a group of experienced Industry practitioners dedicated to improving sector performance and produce a demonstrably better built environment. We:

  • Provide performance measurement and diagnostic services and services for business improvement. More »
  • Draw on our broad base of international experience to train your staff. More »
  • Encourage the use of a well-researched information platform as a foundation for good strategic planning. More »
  • Build & facilitate membership networks as platforms for learning & knowledge transfer which are influential in driving cultural & structural change. More »
  • Build the sector’s leadership base through our training academy. More »
  • Showcase exemplars to show what our best looks like. More »
  • Procurement 
  • Lean in Construction

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“I have worked with Constructing Excellence for more than 3 years mainly in the delivery of Last Planner but more recently in the introduction of Lean Construction. Last Planner has been a very successful planning tool at Victoria Park and also here at Waterview. The introduction of Lean has had the biggest influence on reducing waste and improving efficiency across the project. Amanda delivers in a relaxed but professional manner and gets full participation from her audience.  Having completed the Diploma Managerial Excellence in Engineering and Construction through Constructing Excellence this has given me the confidence and skills to make great changes in the way we reduce waste improve efficiency and develop teams.  This has by far been the most influential training I’ve had and the results from this project are proof of how effective it can be.”

Callum McCorquodale, FCCAK, Well-Connected Alliance


"Constructing Excellence have a long history of providing high value training in the construction industry and particularly in Fletchers. Starting with Last Planner at Dowse to Petone Amanda and her team demonstrated and easy learning style that connected with all levels of the team. The simple messaging enabled the team to immediately see value and in the long run bring back a tight programme ahead of schedule.  This training has been repeated many times and in recent years expanded to Lean Construction (of which Last Planner forms part of). The easy to understand material and interactive games enable the key principles to be communicated effectively across all levels. It is from this training and continued consultation that Waterview recently won the Fletcher Building Construction Group ‘Best Site Improvement Award’."

Darron Monaghan, FCCAK, M2PP, Wellington.