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David Langford of New Plymouth District Council and Luke Meys of Opus International Consultants have won the Hynds Paper of the Year award at the 2017 IPWEA Conference with their paper “Blurring the lines with the New Plymouth District Council professional services collaborative contract”.

The paper focused on the NPDC’s Infrastructure NEC3 Professional Services Collaborative Contract and claimed that it was a perfect illustration of the conference theme. The contract is a hybrid, blending the best of traditional, performance and alliance contracting models. Teams have been combined in new ways aligned with the NEC3 principal of working together in a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.

This collaborative relationship began with an innovative approach to the consulting market and has continued to develop throughout the procurement and delivery phases. The presentation from both NPDC and Opus, the successful consultancy, will bring together their individual and collective perspectives on this best practice delivery model.

The purpose of the Hynds Paper is to encourage IPWEA NZ members to improve their presentation skills by presenting papers on asset management and engineering for infrastructure.

Read the full paper here

Constructing Excellence is the approved NEC Training Franchise for Australasia.

David Langford, Infrastructure Manager, New Plymouth District Council

David is New Plymouth District Council’s Infrastructure Manager.  Previously he has held Contract and Project Management roles in New Zealand and internationally.  He has worked on Auckland’s Central Road Corridor Maintenance Contract, North Yorkshire County Council’s Highway TMC and managed major civil engineering projects in the UK.

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