Message from our transistioning National Chapter Chair

As we move into our next phase, post making our recent organisational changes, we would like to thank Ian Wheeler for his contribution.

Ian has in various roles helped the Construction Client’s Group (CCG) through some pretty rough waters and weather the headwinds to be a significantly more robust organisation ready for the challenges ahead.

There’s no denying that this is a bittersweet moment, as Ian has also chosen to pass on the mantle of Chair of the Construction Client’s Group. We’d like to take a minute and acknowledge his immense contribution to our industry group.

Ian joined the CCG’s Auckland Steering Group in 2013, contributing to arranging local events and contributing his voice to defining the agenda which chimed most with our regional sector. During this period, Ian’s role grew as he took on the mantle of North Island Chair (2015-17), fulfilling the additional role of facing Policy makers; a conduit for our members’ candid discourse, influencing the direction of travel to maximise the effectiveness of Government & regulators.

Ian transitioned to the National Chair from 2017 up to the turn of this year, during which time he has navigated our good ship through the choppy waters of COVID and a pivot to digital engagement with our community.

As all great custodians, Ian has contributed to ensuring the CCG has a strong succession plan. Over the last two years, Ian has led the consultation with members and the subsequent transition to the CCG’s new organisational structure. Specifically, he has helped define the Regional and National structures which will work in tandem to keep our content relevant to the communities in which we are represented, whilst also providing clear channels for our Regional insights to cross-pollinate and be refined into a single coherent voice to Government. He leaves the CCG with representation across the motu, with Regional committees and Chairs (who each sit on the National Committee) from Northland to Christchurch.

As our Chair, Ian has always offered subtle, nuanced advice around engagement strategy at all levels, and he’s consistently epitomised the open and collaborative tenets of the CCG. He’s survived election cycles, a pandemic & its resultant lockdowns.

Ian has always offered quiet and steady leadership and pushed for positive change. He has a very strong belief in the open and collaborative nature of the CCG and the power of sharing and learning to drive improvement. This has stood the test of time, survived election cycles, Covid and the resultant lockdowns and the work from home cycles. He’s also managed to survive a certain Mr TJW – a medal-worthy achievement in of itself!

So Ian, we thank you for your dedication, your leadership, your character and the legacy you have created for our organisation as we walk together into the future.

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