Construction Clients' Group Attendence Policy

Policy Brief and Purpose:

The Construction Clients’ Group (CCG) Attendance Policy aims to regulate the attendance of CCG clients and members at regional and national events organized by the CCG Events Team. These events serve the purpose of facilitating networking opportunities, fostering understanding of sector challenges and opportunities, and promoting collaboration among CCG Clients and members.


This policy applies to the Construction Clients’ Group, encompassing clients, consultants, and contractors who subscribe to CCG annual membership subscription, as well as new organizations seeking membership with CCG.

Policy Elements:

  • CCG Events:

    • CCG events can be conducted either face-to-face or virtually.
    • Events are two-hour sessions held in the following CCG regions/nationallly:
      • Northland
      • Auckland
      • Waikato
      • Bay of Plenty
      • Wellington
      • Christchurch
      • Nationally
    • Access to CCG Events is limited to CCG Members only. Members pay an annual member subscription to CCG.
  • Existing CCG Members:

    • Organisations currently subscribed to CCG annual membership will continue to enjoy the benefits outlined in the CCG Membership Policy, including:
      • Free attendance at all events organized by CCG.
      • Access to outputs generated from events.
      • Access to CCG Workstream groups and associated resources.
      • Clients can become members of the Regional Chapters in the regions where CCG operates or join CCG Workstreams to actively promote best practice.
      • CCG members may also join Regional Chapters, subject to approval by the CCG National Chapter based on their expertise.
  • New Organisations to CCG ("Try Before You Buy"):

    • New organisations interested in CCG membership may attend an event as a trial, with the intention of becoming members within three months.
    • They are entitled to attend a maximum of three free events in any region.
    • A maximum of two attendees per event from the same organization is permitted.


The following scenarios are considered non-compliance with this policy, resulting in the denial of access to CCG Events, including collateral from events:

Refusal of CCG Membership

  • Organisations that have previously attended CCG events and refused a CCG Membership will be subject to the following:
  • CCG Secretariat will send an email to the attendee and receiver of the CCG Offer of Service, noting the requirements for membership, and allow a short 'grace period' of one event.

Serial Recidivists:

Organisations repeatedly refusing CCG Membership will be treated with immediate effect, barring access to CCG Events and event collateral.

Policy Review:

This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness in regulating attendance at CCG Events. Any necessary updates or amendments will be made accordingly.

Effective Date: 1st October 2023

Policy Owner: CCG Secretariat

Policy Contact: