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Urban Infrastructure 

Andrew has over thirty years of experience in a major project environment both in the UK and here in New Zealand. He is currently working with the Dept. of Corrections as a Senior Project Manager. Andrew has extensive experience in collaborative working arrangements and strategic alliances. As an example, he provided the NZ Transport Agency’s contribution to the Mackay’s Expressway Alliance; from early team formation, design process and a Board of Inquiry leading to an early start to construction. The success of the project is an example of how the public sector can work effectively with the private sector.



Current Membership

Auckland City Council Arrow International
Aurecon   BRANZ
Christchurch City Council Charissa Snijders Architect Ltd RCP Fulton Hogan Ltd
Hawkins Construction Ignite Architects
New Zealand Defence Force Rider Levett Bucknall
NZ Strong Construction New Zealand Transport Agency Prefab NZ
Troake Vector Limited
Fletcher Construction

CCG Vision:

Improving industry performance in the built environment sector.

Membership Options

As a member of CCG you will have access to all 4 regional centre activities in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.



No of employees 1 2 to 5 6 to 20 21 to 50 51 to 499 500+
Fee $900 $2,500 $3,500 $4,500 $7,500 $9,000
Note: Local Government organisations are able to become CCG members at a flat fee of $3,500.

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Building users, owners and providers need to be kept up to date. CCG communicates with members on a regular basis through:
1.    Member events
2.    Special interest groups
3.    Emails
4.    Reports and website updates
5.    News updates via our website, LinkedIn and Facebook

By email you will regularly receive:
Information on upcoming events and conferences

Via Social Media you will regularly receive:
Updates on national and international construction news and issues enabling members to have sight of emerging issues and the latest thinking on construction sector improvement.


Our core business is collaboration and relationship building through:
1.    Networking at international, national and regional events
2.    Special interest forums and groups
3.    Representation at the Productivity Partnership and other key stakeholder groups
4.    Influencing government policy and legislation through consultation events with our members
5.   Publication and communication of guidance and best practice to influence client behaviour

We aim to proactively engage users, owners and operators with other government and industry participants to influence and drive industry change and improvement.

Engage stakeholders

To achieve its vision the CCG maintains an active dialogue with key external stakeholders and encourages opportunities for member participation with:
1.    Opinion leaders and influencers
2.    Government
3.    International organisations
4.    Other like-minded business groups
By understanding our aims and activities, our stakeholders gain increased appreciation of member commitment to delivering a measurably better built environment for New Zealand.

Influence policy and regulation

The CCG is a respected peak construction improvement body representing the entire construction supply chain in New Zealand. We ensure that policymakers are mindful of the views of our members through ongoing and constructive dialogue as well as providing platforms for policymakers to communicate to industry via our membership.
The CCG is invited and actively participates in government policy forums and consultative processes to enhance policymakers' understanding of issues around procurement, whole of life and implementing world leading best practice.