Personal improvement

The greatest asset within an organisation is its people!

So the courses in this training pathway help develop and bring out the best in the people behind the processes.

These learnings can be applied to

any level,

any role,

& are transferable across business units.

The Constructing Excellence Personal Improvement Pathway centres around the following building blocks:



Current market indicators have turned our emphasis to our two Effective Communication Workshops designed to upskill Team and Project Leaders to help them create a collaborative culture in their workplace:



The Effective Team Communication Workshops, help me understand my personality type, this in turn this has help me understand how my personality may clash with other peoples. This gave me the tools to better deal with these different people when different situations arise. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who wanted to communicate and understand themselves better. 
Ryan Chappell, NZ Business Development Manager WebFM

Effective Team Communication Workshops really opened my eyes, helping me to really understand that everyone needs a voice and everyone needs the opportunity to be heard. Behaviours in others can be misleading as we all interpret them differently, having a clear verbal understanding, factual understanding of your teams needs/wants is crucial in finding a path to a successful team.

Anita Hunter, Fulton Hogan